Generating Maximum Marketing Funnel Brand Awareness

If you’re an up and coming entrepreneur or a businessman, then you’re already thinking about how to expand your client base. Successful businesses thrive on brand awareness and so should your business.

What is brand awareness? Many people have different definitions but in layman’s terms, brand awareness is about familiarizing your brand to your target client base. Many different factors play a crucial role in both offline and online brand awareness. Logo, unique selling proposition, social media recognition and data acquisition all come together to create brand awareness.

These factors are stressed to different degrees in different by the owners of those businesses. Today, we will focus on showing you how you can use marketing funnels to successfully build your brand image online.

Understanding Digital Brand Awareness

When it comes to generating brand awareness in digital media, seven factors play equally important roles. They are— outreach, emails, social media, organic search, paid search, and display ads. Out of these seven factors, marketing funnels deal with the first four KPIs. Outreach refers to how many people are starting to be aware of your brand but not committed to it. You can expand on your outreach with emails and direct interactions on social media.

Organic search results are based on your outreach. The more people that know about your brand, the more likely your name will pop up on search engines. Paid ads and display ads are not organic. As a result, success in this area often depends on how much money you are spending on these types of advertisements. 

General Methods For Raising Brand Awareness

Here are some of the common ways that you can generate brand awareness online:

  1. Partnership with social media influencers
  2. Forming partnerships with local businesses
  3. Blogging
  4. Guest posting
  5. PPC and PPM advertisements
  6. Events
  7. Good PR

Maximizing Brand Awareness Through Marketing Funnels

For growing businesses, starting off with social media platforms is the easiest way to establish brand awareness. Opening up a business page on Facebook and Instagram is very easy and can be up and running in minutes. But setting up a business page with a logo alone won’t help your brand outreach unless you follow through with events like webinars, live podcasts, and other digital event mediums. Also, these digital events allow you to show your face to your clients and customers which helps establish better rapport for small businesses.

Sponsoring charitable causes or collaborating with other businesses is also an excellent way to establish brand awareness. This way you can reach out to customer segments who you wouldn’t include in your customer demographic. You can collaborate with other businesses and experts for a joint podcast. This has already proven effective for many small brands and services.

And last but not the least, push for content marketing as much as possible. Content is king on the internet and the only way to go if you want a fighting chance in a highly-populated digital scene. Webinars and podcasts fall under content marketing but that isn’t the only form of content marketing you should stick to.


Now that you know about the basics of brand awareness, why don’t you start building yours as well? As long as you keep the things discussed in this article in mind, you should have little trouble developing your brand, whether it’s a YouTube channel or a small business. Just remember that anything of real value takes time and effort to build. You can’t plant a fruit tree and expect to have apples the next day. It takes consistent, dedicated effort.