Creating a WordPress Landing Page and Why It’s Ineffective

Creating Wordpress Landing Page

Today we’ll be discussing landing pages and why despite being the most popular website builder in the world, WordPress landing pages are ineffective. So let’s start with the basics- what is a landing page? A standalone web page made with the sole purpose of advertising a product is called a landing page. The main purpose of a landing page is …

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How To Integrate All Your Favorite Apps With ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels App Integrations

You’ve probably heard a lot about ClickFunnels from different sources and have a basic idea of how it works. But have you considered how well it meshes with your favorite apps and performance? In today’s article, we will discuss how to integrate the most popular and important 3rd party digital marketing apps with ClickFunnels. What are Third-Party Apps Let’s start …

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The Different Stages of Online and Offline Marketing Funnels

Anyone who has studied business or entrepreneurship is fairly familiar with how marketing funnels work. But for those out there who don’t today, we’ll be discussing the different stages of marketing funnels both online and offline. Another reason for this discussion is to show offline business owners the benefits of online funnels. What is a Marketing Funnel? Before diving into …

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How To Build A One Product Dropshipping Store with ClickFunnels


We all know that ClickFunnels is the go-to platform when it comes to making snazzy marketing and sales funnels. But do you know that you can also use ClickFunnels to build and promote multi-product or one-product dropshipping stores? Today we will show you exactly how to do that using ClickFunnels and AliExpress. By utilizing both of these tools you can …

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How to Use ClickFunnels

Click Funnels Home Page

If you have been digging around in the digital marketing world a bit, no doubt you’ve come across mentions of ClickFunnels more than once. But maybe you don’t know what ClickFunnels is and how to use it to maximize your brand. Today we will discuss ClickFunnels and how you can use it to your advantage. ClickFunnels What is ClickFunnels? ClickFunnels …

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Making Your Own ClickFunnels Affiliate Program

Click Funnels Backpack Affiliate Interface and Setup

In the last couple of years, affiliate marketing online has become the new rage. Affiliate programs are easy to create and promote which explains the rise of their popularity. Despite becoming more and more common, some people are still skeptical of affiliate marketing. Today we will discuss affiliate marketing and how to use ClickFunnels to promote your own products/services using …

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Free Features in ClickFunnels

Free Click Funnels Features

If you’re thinking of using ClickFunnels to create your own marketing/sales funnel, then you need to know about how it works. Compared to most other competitors, ClickFunnels is a bit on the expensive side, but for good reasons. Today we will have a brief discussion of the subscription options of ClickFunnels, especially the Free 14-day trial. Currently, ClickFunnels has three …

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ClickFunnels Alternatives

Click Funnels Alternatives

If you have been searching for a dependable sales/leads funnel builder, then ClickFunnels is definitely something you heard of. The result of years of hard work by its creator Russell Brunson, ClickFunnels is a superb platform for building funnels. But it is not the only one of its kind on the internet, there are also a lot of superb alternatives …

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ClickFunnels Review 2019

ClickFunnels Interface

If you are a business owner or an entrepreneur who is looking to expand your sales and clientele, then no doubt you’ve heard of ClickFunnels in recent years. The brainchild of Russell Brunson, ClickFunnels has revolutionized the way funnel building and funnel marketing works. Over the last couple of years, ClickFunnels has strongly positioned itself in the market as the …

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