Why Funnels are the Next Big Thing in Marketing

Funnels are the Next Big Thing in Marketing

What is Funnel Software? Since early 2015, online funnels have become extremely popular in marketing, especially for niche brands that cannot afford a huge budget, unlike traditional companies. Funnel software is dedicated software that focuses on building landing pages with a specific flow and purpose, not websites. They are not meant for blogging or e-commerce. Anyone can use them without …

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Generating Maximum Marketing Funnel Brand Awareness

Marketing Funnel Brand Awareness

If you’re an up and coming entrepreneur or a businessman, then you’re already thinking about how to expand your client base. Successful businesses thrive on brand awareness and so should your business. What is brand awareness? Many people have different definitions but in layman’s terms, brand awareness is about familiarizing your brand to your target client base. Many different factors …

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Active Campaign A-Z

Active Campaign

Introduction If you’re a marketer or business owner who depends on email marketing as the primary means to reach out to clients, or potential customers, then no doubt ActiveCampaign is the perfect tool for you. It can help you organize your marketing efforts, improve on them, and improve reach out rates at the same time. Here’s all you need to …

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