How To Integrate All Your Favorite Apps With ClickFunnels

You’ve probably heard a lot about ClickFunnels from different sources and have a basic idea of how it works. But have you considered how well it meshes with your favorite apps and performance? In today’s article, we will discuss how to integrate the most popular and important 3rd party digital marketing apps with ClickFunnels.

What are Third-Party Apps

Let’s start off with the definition of third party apps. Unlike full-fledged apps like WordPress or Mailchimp, 3rd-party apps are extensions for the core apps. Essentially apps built by one company for another company serving as extensions are known as 3rd-party apps. Let’s provide an example to simplify things- Window which is the most popular operating system has its own primary web-browser Microsoft Edge. But other browsers such as Google Chrome and Firefox can also be installed in Windows operating systems. In this case, Windows is the core app while Chrome and Firefox are third party apps compatible with Windows.

How Do 3rd Party Apps Work With ClickFunnels?

3rd party apps work with ClickFunnels following a simple integration procedure. The steps are as follows:

–          Log in to your ClickFunnels account. Click here to create a trial account if you don’t have one.

–          Go to Account Settings and then choose Integrations.

–          Click on Add New Integration

–          Select a name for your new integration and pick the 3rd party app you want to integrate

–          Provide the required information

–           Choose Create Integration.

Once you’re done with the above-mentioned steps, the app will be integrated with ClickFunnels and start functioning.

Best Apps For ClickFunnels Integration

While there are a lot of 3rd party apps that can be integrated with ClickFunnels, the most common ones are narrowed down to a few. Here’s a list of the top 15 3rd party apps popular among marketing and sales funnel developers-

–          ActiveCampaign (Email autoresponder)

–          Aweber (Email autoresponder)

–          MailChimp (Email autoresponder)

–          Shopify (Web builder)

–          WordPress (Web builder)

–          HubSpot (CRM)

–          Infusionsoft (CRM)

–          Twilio (Text marketing)

–          WebinarJam (Webinars)

–          GoToWeinars (Webinars)

–          Zapio

–          ConvertKit

–          Drip

–          Get Response

–          SalesForce

–          Sendlane

–          Ontraport

–          Market Hero

–          Constant Contact

–          Mad Mimi

and more

You can use all these and much more to centralize and implement your ClickFunnels operations more efficiently. With such a large list of 3rd party app integrations, ClickFunnels is the ultimate playground for funnel marketing. All of these apps function perfectly and there are no performance hiccups in case of multiple apps running at the same time.