Make Money With ClickBank Using ClickFunnels

ClickBank is relatively new in the affiliate marketing which makes many up and coming affiliate marketers apprehensive of using it. But if used correctly, ClickBank is one of the strongest affiliate marketing tools of this generation. In today’s article, we will discuss ClickBank with ClickFunnels and how to make money using it.  

What is Clickbank?

For those readers who’re not familiar, let’s start with what is Clickbank. Unlike the common perception surrounding it, Clickbank is not an affiliate marketing program. It’s not even some sort of software service or database. Instead, Clickbank is a marketplace to fulfill all of your affiliate marketing needs. Unlike freelancing platforms and job sites, all products and services in Clickbank are specialized for affiliate marketing. Starting from e-books, video, music, etc an assortment of funnel marketing and affiliate products are available on Clickbank. As you might have guessed, Clickbank is an extension of ClickFunnels. In the basest terms, Clickbank performs two functions:

  • It serves as a product sourcing marketplace for affiliates
  • It serves as an e-commerce platform for product owners,

New affiliates looking for unique and amazing products to promote can find them at Clickbank from a near endless list to choose from. The owner of the products can sit back and relax while Clickbank takes care of the e-commerces aspect of the sales from its end, essentially serving as a middle-man. The only drawback is the commission system which takes out a percentage of the sales.   

Integrating ClickFunnels With ClickBank

Making money by integrating ClickFunnels with ClickBank is fairly easy. It involves a couple of simple steps that might sound easy but will require some effort in practice. Here’s a rundown of the steps that you will need to follow sequentially if you want to make money combining ClickFunnels with ClickBank.

Choosing the right product on ClickBank: As with any other type of affiliate marketing, the first part of the rodeo is choosing the right product. Fortunately, ClickBank has a large variety of digital marketing products for you to peruse through if needed. After you’ve chosen your primary product it’s time to choose the secondary product based on affiliate scheme. Many affiliate programs offer free products which is the secondary product we’re talking about. Try to find a product that meets the following criteria:

  1. Low-cost initial offer with up to 3 upsales
  2. Video sales pages & “native” sales pages (pages that feel like content)
  3. Products with good reviews online (low refunds = more money and less list burnout)
  4. Gravity above 20 (means that the page converts fairly well)

Creating a landing page on ClickFunnels: Once you have chosen the secondary product(s), it’s time to use ClickFunnels for creating a stunning landing page. If you have a ClickFunnels account and have experience using it, you already know the next step- creating a landing page for the product. For those who don’t have ClickFunnels account, click here to experience the 14-day free ClickFunnels trial.

Promoting the funnel: Once the landing page is done, it’s time to promote the funnel. If used carefully, the strongest affiliate marketing technique is pre-selling. But unfortunately, most affiliate marketers fail at this tactic, so they resort to other tactics. Here are some of the most common tactics used by funnel marketers who regularly use ClickFunnels:

  1. Banners: This is the least effective method for affiliate marketing. The basic idea is to find a piece of content that has relevance to your promoted product and place a banner ad there. The content can be anything starting from articles and videos to download links.
  2. In-content links: In-line recommendations that are embedded directly in the text of content are known as in-content links. Unlike banners, this cannot be done randomly and requires building trust in an online forum or community to work effectively.
  3. Reviews- The second most effective promotion method in our humble opinion. Since the traffic is already targeted, they’re extremely effective in finding and engaging with the target audience. Just make sure your reviews aren’t too biased and everything should go smoothly.

Pre-sales is the art of marketing something that hasn’t launched yet. Since this involves promoting untested products, it’s very difficult to hook customers with this tactic. Unfortunately, some of the highest commission payout products require marketers to master this. For more on affiliate marketing pre-sale, click here.        

Benefits Of Using ClickFunnels With ClickBank

So why should you use Clickbank despite many new market competitors on the rise? Here are a couple of compelling benefits of using ClickFunnels with Clickbanks to make money:

  • Highly-paid offers: ClickBank has one of the highest commission payout range in the market. Some products offer up to 75% commission on products.
  • You can sell in most countries: ClickBank products are shipped worldwide, which means you can target customers from any part of the world.
  • Several recurring offers to sell, for ongoing income- ClickBank had some amazing recurring deals that can make for a constant income flow if you know what you’re doing.
  • Takes the hassle of dealing with the intermediate processes of a transaction: Serving as the middle-man, ClickBank takes care of the transactional process for you.

Now that we’ve simplified ClickBank for you, we hope it encourages you to try out this amazing marketplace for your future affiliate marketing endeavors. With the strong community and funnel creation support of ClickFunnels combined with the offers on ClickBank, your affiliate income potential is unlimited.