Click Funnels for Real Estate

Funnels are an amazing tool to help Real Estate agents grow their business. With increasing digitization, even traditional businesses rooted in offline marketing such as real estate can no longer afford to ignore using online tactics for lead generation and sales.

For businesses, like real estate, that specifically depend on lead generation and outreach, Click Funnels is the perfect solution over traditional websites. Through Click Funnels, thousands of people have obtained solid sales leads that convert. The value offered by Click Funnels in features and education compared to other sales funnels SAAS companies in the market like Hubspot, Mailchimp and Ontraport is unparalled.

Real Estate funnels are becoming increasingly popular because of the wide array of options provided by Click Funnels to its users.

Listing Funnels and Facebook Ads

Using funnels is one of the most effective ways to expand your real estate business. With access to multiple automation features, creating a home listing is a breeze. You can put together a landing page form for individual properties in a couple of minutes and share it on social media platforms for targeted outreach.

When advertised on Facebook, these landing page forms can help provide potential homebuyers with great information on a property instantly. From setting up a simple homepage to email automation for continuous outreach to potential clients, Click Funnels streamlines and simplifies the lead generation process. This provides you with a platform that is very handy for listing properties and getting them in front of potential buyers fast.

Neighborhood PDF Guide Lead Funnel

Another idea for generating leads for real estate is a Neighborhood PDF Guide Lead Funnel. You can provide great local data about neighborhood schools, resources, and community events etc. This helps position yourself as the expert in your local area.

You can then easily reach out to the people who opted in for a guide and provide them with more valuable information. This helps to build your relationship and rapport with them. If they come to trust you, you will be the one they call when they are ready to buy or sell a home.

Automation Makes your Job Easier

Most real estate agents know that getting the customer leads is a continuous and lengthy process. A potential customer’s first visit to your funnel/website or office is only the beginning. Communication, value, and relationship building are the keys to getting more leads and clients. And Click Funnels helps you achieve that through its email automation feature on its higher tiered plan.

You can use this to easily send newsletters, updates, and helpful information or new listings you are selling. You can also integrate chatbots and other third-party CRMs with your funnels. Setting up automated scheduled follow-ups is also an option. This helps you stay in constant communication with your clients and prospects.


With all these effective tools at your disposal, even a novice real estate agent can get the ball rolling and sky-rocket their sales in a matter of months. With proper outreach and good communication skills, converting leads to sales becomes much easier when you implement a funnel system with Click Funnels. If you’re looking to build and grow your real estate business in a meaningful way, Click Funnels is definitely worth a shot. Check it out here and get a 14 day free trial >>>