How Email Marketing Funnels are Becoming the Future of Personalized Marketing

In today’s dominating world of e-commerce and digital marketing, email marketing funnels are one of the most popular tools to bolster and promote sales. If you aren’t already utilizing these funnels, then maybe it’s time to jump on the bandwagon with Click Funnels‘ Follow-up Funnels (formerly known as Actionetics).

Today we’ll give a short rundown of email marketing funnels and the benefits of utilizing them in your business.

Difference From Standard Email Marketing

Many people confuse email marketing funnels with email marketing. With email marketing, the pitch with the first email aims to convince the customer on buying a product or service.

Email marketing funnels mainly are different from email marketing through the strategy of persuasive selling. Instead of generating potential sales leads by time-consuming data mining, email marketing funnels entice customers to provide their contact data through free downloadable content. This content acts as a hook for further email communication with the potential client/customer.

The advantage of email marketing funnels are that since it’s the customer themselves who is willingly providing their contact details, they’re more prone to taking action based on your emails. Since it’s not some random business email sitting in the junk or spam section, likelihood of interaction increases.

A strategy Russell Brunson teaches is something he calls Seinfeld emails. Seinfeld emails are simply monologues about your day, or just random stuff going on in your life. They provide continued dialogue with your audience. Seinfeld emails allow you to interact with your audience in a non-formal manner while still keeping the sales pitch in mind. It allows you to reach out in a blog post like manner but in a more targeted way.

Benefits of Email Marketing Funnels

This brings two major benefits:

  1. Increased Outreach and…
  2. Creating Better Relationships with your audience.

It also provides the distinct advantage of up-selling more services and products which can be difficult with traditional email marketing.

In traditional email marketing you can only drive the pitch for one particular service or product. Funnels allow you to divert the clients attention to other products without distracting them from the primary offering. Whether you’re a seasoned funnels veteran or a novice entrepreneur, Click Funnels’ Follow-Up Funnels gives you all the resources that you need. This helps you successfully set up and implement strong email marketing funnels.

You can create varied, colorful, and interactive email marketing funnels within minutes (provided you written content of course). You’ll also have access to amazing and versatile email marketing funnel templates. Last, you’ll have access to a wide range of lead magnets such as opt-in forms, list bait, signup offers, and more to spice up your email marketing funnels any way you want.

Post Purchase Outreach and Customer Education

Email marketing funnels allow  for more effective post-purchase outreach. After a purchase, you can further enhance customer support by educating them through emails. On boarding sequence follow-up email funnels allow you to nurture your leads more effectively in a personalized manner as well.


So if you have a service-based business and are looking to expand in a fast and cost-effective manner, give Click Funnels‘ Follow-Up Funnels a try. With all the options, great education and community support, you can easily build your dream email marketing funnel campaigns successfully.

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