Funnel Scripts – Endless Creativity at Your Fingertips

When it comes to driving sales and retaining customer satisfaction, the key ingredient for success is a well-written sales copy. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with literary talents to whip up a compelling sales copy in a short period of time. Of course, this problem can be bypassed by hiring a content writer. But when you are running multiple marketing, sales or lead funnels this solution can quickly incur a lot of expenses.

Click Funnels’ Funnel Scripts provide the perfect solution for these kinds of scenarios. Comprised of hundreds of prewritten scripts, you can find templates for every kind of sales copy starting from emails, newsletters, opt-in forms and more.

How Does it Work?

Funnel Scripts Dashboard
Funnel Scripts Dashboard

Well before we get to the mechanics, Just saying that Click Funnels Funnel Scripts is a fantastic package doesn’t do it enough justice. When you purchase Funnel Scripts these are some of the best offerings that you get:

  • DotCom Secrets Scripts
  • Expert Secrets Scripts
  • One Funnel Away Scripts
  • Case Study Testimonial Scripts
  • Bullet Scripts
  • Advertising Scripts
  • Content Creation Scripts
  • Email Scripts
  • Titles and Headlines
  • Sales Letter Scripts
  • Amazon and Ecomm Scripts
  • Easy Survey Script
  • Star Story Solution Script

Aside from the above-mentioned ones, there’s also a bunch of bonus content including a training module for learning to write killer sales copy. Using all theses script resources from its database, Funnel Scripts takes a ‘mad lib’ approach, generating the best possible sales copy based on the details you enter in a web form.

Once you have provided the details such as product name, it’s benefits, USP, etc. and click on the generate button, the Funnel Scripts algorithm generates the best possible content for your sales copy. Using Funnel Scripts, you can bypass hours of copywriting hassles such as brainstorming, research, or co-coordinating with a freelancer.


Saving time is not the only benefit that comes with Funnel Scripts. Most of these scripts are tried and tested and are currently used by many in the Click Funnels community. You also get access to copywriting training videos and free monthly live training where you can learn the ins-and-outs of great sales copywriting from Jim Edwards and Russell Branson.

And the best part? The list of funnel scripts keeps growing with every passing month as more and more scripts are added into different categories giving you continued value.

Drawbacks to Funnel Scripts

Despite its versatility and accessibility, Funnel Scripts also come with some drawbacks as well. For starters, the system doesn’t always churn out perfect scripts ready for implementation. In some cases, the scripts need some minor proof-reading and editing.

Also, since the algorithm functions as an automated content generator, the tone of the content may also be disparaging which again, needs minor proofreading and editing. Other than these two drawbacks, there isn’t much else to complain about as it can save you thousands of dollars from hiring a traditional copywriter.


Even though it isn’t a complete substitute for an expert human copywriter, if you are even mildly competent you can get great results with Funnel Scripts. And with all the extra training videos and monthly training, you’ll soon turn into an expert copywriter yourself if you have the patience and dedication. 

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