ClickFunnels Alternatives

If you have been searching for a dependable sales/leads funnel builder, then ClickFunnels is definitely something you heard of. The result of years of hard work by its creator Russell Brunson, ClickFunnels is a superb platform for building funnels.

But it is not the only one of its kind on the internet, there are also a lot of superb alternatives out there as well. This makes choosing the best funnel builder option for your business a tad bit difficult. To make things easier for you to decide, today we will take a look at ClickFunnels and some of its competitors to make a fair comparison. Hopefully, our analysis and discussion will help you choose the best option for your business. 

Pros and Cons

For effectively evaluating ClickFunnels and its peers, we decided to show you the major pros and cons of each of them. This will allow you to easily differentiate the major differences between these funnel builders and understand their USP.

While many of these alternatives provide similar services and functionalities, they also have their unique specializations. As a result, each has something unique to offer if you’re not looking for a comprehensive package.

ClickFunnelsAccess to funnels built to sell everything.No limit on the number of funnels you create (Etison Suite plan).The basic subscription plan is very limited.
Ability to customize or create entirely new funnels with the powerfuldrag and drop builder.Two different landing page editorsThe occasional bug might pop up.
A/B testing featureContent creation solution provided by funnel scriptsComparatively expensive when it comes to the subscription fee, even for the basic subscription option.
Excellent community support from other users and community leaders.
Funnel Builder Secrets program that provides extensive training material and large discounts.
Lead PagesDrag & Drop Landing Page & Pop-Up Page BuilderHosts VideosNot a complete sales funnel. Lack of e-commerce and lead generation features
130+ Free Landing Page & Popup Form TemplatesText MessagingFewer features than ClickFunnels
Advanced WidgetsEasy and Simple to useInconsistent third-party integrations
Smooth and seamless with third-party applications
OntraportHighly content focused which makes it better for content generationContent-focused automation pipelineNo free plan
Excellent CRM integration that syncs with user data efficientlyNo setup feesThe dashboard is complicated which makes it difficult for newcomers to adjust.
Excellent e-Commerce integrationsThe platform is highly text-based that might clash with users who prefer interactive elements
InstapageSuperb analytics compared to other funnel building platforms
Almost as good as ClickFunnels in terms o efficiency and versatility
Not capable of handling initial marketing, checkout, or lead management
‘Instablocks’ allow for saving previous designs as templates to be used laterIt doesn’t offer a varied selection of images
‘Heatmap’ feature shows real-time activity dataA bit more expensive compared to other funnel builders

Almost as functional ClickFunnelsBuilderAll is comparatively cheaperIt doesn’t support WordPress plugins
Allows for building simplified mobile appsLimited storage limit of 1GB
Multiplatform support is not as good as other platforms
Comparatively untested compared to ClickFunnels and Leadpages
UnbounceMobile friendly and dynamicCustomizable landing page editor with a wide variety of templatesNot many comprehensive features compared to other funnel builders
A good array of testing and analytics toolsSubscription price lower compared to ClickFunnelsOnly good for making landing pages
Platform features take some time to get used to
WordPress Page BuilderA wide range of plugins for creating landing pages off basic WordPress sitesEasy to use and integrateHard to update
Different types of funnel builder plugins for different purposesCheaper than dedicated funnel builder platformsIt negatively impacts website speed
OptimizePress and ThriveThemes are the most popular themes that provide similar functionalities to ClickFunnels. But they are not nearly as effective as ClickFunnels and other dedicated funnel buildersOften times buggy and difficult to implement
Dedicated customer and community support is comparatively less than ClickFunnels and other funnel builder platforms

Drawbacks Compared to Competitors

When you take a look at the chart, it does seem like ClickFunnels is a godsend. But that doesn’t mean that ClickFunnels is without its fair share of problems. Firstly, the pricing. ClickFunnels is marginally more expensive than other popular alternatives such as LeadPages or BuilderAll. This makes the entry point to this platform difficult for new-comers who are short on capital.

Secondly, while the Funnel Builders Secrets program is highly recommended, the training materials are not sold separately. To get access to the training you have to get the entire package (including Click Funnel Platinum). This makes learning at your own pace a bit of an issue due to the pressure of utilizing your Click Funnels Platinum subscription quickly.

Thirdly, despite the best effort of Brunson and his team, bugs still pop up here and there. They don’t significantly impact the user experience but can be irritating nonetheless. So despite its many pressing advantages, it also has a few minor drawbacks which prevent it from being perfect.

Which One Wins Out?

Despite some of the drawbacks, we’ll have to say that ClickFunnels is definitely the winner. Though other funnel builder platforms are considerably cheaper and some of them offer distinct features, ClickFunnels provide more value for your bucks. While it’s true the entry barrier for ClickFunnels is a bit higher than its peers, it’s definitely worth your time and money if you are dedicated enough.

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