Making Your Own ClickFunnels Affiliate Program

In the last couple of years, affiliate marketing online has become the new rage. Affiliate programs are easy to create and promote which explains the rise of their popularity. Despite becoming more and more common, some people are still skeptical of affiliate marketing. Today we will discuss affiliate marketing and how to use ClickFunnels to promote your own products/services using ClickFunnels’ Backpack—affiliate marketing management software that allows you to create and manage your own affiliate marketing program.

What Is An Affiliate Business Model?

First things first, what is affiliate marketing? It’s basically a networking-based marketing system that rewards good performance. Instead of focusing on marketing your own product or service, you basically let other people do the heavy lifting for you and pay commissions for each sale made by people who sign up to be your affiliates. In the case of affiliate marketing, it’s not uncommon for the price markup of a product or service to be more. Since profits are shared between the owner of the program and the affiliate, this is a necessity.

A lot of times though, you would pay in ad costs what you would pay your affiliates in commissions so it’s a good idea to pursue both strategies.

Pros and Cons of Affiliate Marketing

On the whole, affiliate marketing brings a lot of benefits to the table. The scope of outreach is higher than many other types of marketing and the marketing cost can also be significantly less. Another benefit that affiliate marketing brings is that dedicated customer support is not required (at least for your affiliates, but you still need to support your customers).

But that isn’t to say that affiliate marketing is flawless- it also has some minor drawbacks. First, you don’t have as much control over the affiliate marketing network which means gaining exposure to the right crowd can be tough. Also, the competition is high due to a lot of existing programs and there is a chance of losing links. 

Using ClickFunnels’ Backpack to Make Your Own Affiliate Program

So now that we know what affiliate marketing is, it’s time to learn how to make your own affiliate program with ClickFunnels. There are a few things first that you need to figure out first to create a successful affiliate program with ClickFunnels:

  • A commission plan. ClickFunnels offers a variety of standard commission plans for implementing in your affiliate funnel. To do this, select Commission Plans from for the Backpack menu, create a new one and name it. You can select currency type, commission plan time-frame and more from the customization options.
  • Setting up the affiliate type for the different affiliate layers. This can be easily done from the dashboard of your funnel creator. You can set up the intricate factors like Amount, Payment Types, and Months before payout before finalizing the affiliate type.
  • Update products that you want to incentivize with commissions. This is also done via the ClicKFunnels dashboard. 

Create an Affiliate Area for the affiliates to update. You can select Affiliates Area from the ClickFunnels dashboard to customize. You can add different elements to it from available options

With all the basics of affiliate funnel marketing covered, it’s high time that you give it a try. With ClickFunnel’s excellent integration and other features, creating an affiliate program with sales funnels has never been easier.