Why WordPress Funnel Builders Don’t Work

With funnels becoming more and more popular, more and more options are starting to pop up. Yet despite the rise of many of these new funnel builders such as Click Funnels, WordPress still remains the most popular website building tool in 2019.

Because of this, what many businesses fail to understand is that WordPress Funnel builders are simply not the best tools for funnel building. WordPress Funnel builders are basically plugins that are integrated with WordPress websites, which leaves a lot to be desired.

Click Funnels, on the other hand, is a fully comprehensive funnel builder that allows you to create profitable sales funnels. In today’s article, we’ll be taking a peek at why you should not use WordPress funnel builders if you are looking for top-tier results.

Why WordPress Funnel Builders are Cumbersome and Hard to Use

The main problem with WordPress funnel builders is that despite all its years of dominating the market as a popular platform, it is still a blog/website builder. This is exactly why e-commerce builders like WooCommerce and Shopify are preferred by e-commerce entrepreneurs.

While WordPress indeed offers a wealth of options, you really need to have good programming and coding skills to take advantage of its customization features. And when it comes to WordPress funnel builders, the plugins come with a host of disadvantages.

First, these plugins have to be self-hosted, which means your data is always at risk. Often the coding for these plugins is messy which leaves performance issues and the plugins themselves are difficult to upgrade as it can cause problems with other aspects of your site.

Performance issues stem from layered HTML and non-semantic coding which are densely packed and naturally not well-optimized. Also, these plugins often encourage adding extra page elements to spruce up the looks of the funnel which takes its toll on site speed and loading times.

Comparison to ClickFunnels

So how does ClickFunnels differentiate itself from WordPress funnel builders? In a lot of distinct ways!

First, unlike WordPress which is primarily a blog site builder, ClickFunnels is a dedicated marketing funnel builder. Even some of the best funnel builders on WordPress such as Thrive Leads, ActiveCampaign, Thrive Architect and Leadpages don’t have nearly enough options and functionality or training/education as Click Funnels.

Secondly, the community support for Click Funnels is far superior to WordPress. ClickFunnels is a bustling and active community that will help you out if you face any problems. Technical problems are also addressed more quickly by customer support than WordPress as well. With WordPress your application and plugins are self-hosted and managed by you. This can be ok if you are really techy, but for most people, software like ClickFunnels becomes a much clearer choice.

How to Get the Best Results with Your Funnel Builder

Now that we’re done discussing the various facets of funnel building, let’s discuss how to achieve the best results in funnel building. Naturally, you should opt for a dedicated marketing funnel builder over WordPress, preferably ClickFunnels if you are new in the funnel building scene.

Plan out your content marketing strategy ahead of time and analyze the underlying client reach out factors of your specific business. Focus on creating good call-to-action slogans and nurture the leads that you acquired with the lead magnets such as lead funnels and opt-in forms. And last but not the least, follow up with onboard/education email follow-up funnels to keep your leads warm or your customers educated.


When you consider all the above-mentioned factors, ClickFunnels definitely comes up on top of WordPress funnel builders in terms of simplicity and ease-of-use. Therefore, when it comes to creating sales and lead funnels, ClickFunnels is definitely the best choice you can make. 

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